Who do you aspire to be?

It’s the question I often ask new students in their first lesson, and the answer sets the tone and trajectory for our time together. Since 2005, I’ve been helping violists achieve their aspirations, whether it’s preparing for rigorous auditions, developing a career strategy, or helping a hobbyist pick up the viola again with confidence. The work can be challenging, but I’ve discovered there is great need for viola community, resources, and mentorship that are modern and accessible to violists at any step in their journey.

In 2021, I created the Aspire Viola Academy to fulfill this need and to instigate powerful change by helping viola players achieve college and career aspirations through a holistic approach and entrepreneurial mindset. The academy is a progressive revamp of the music school and includes: one-on-one lessons, “work at your own pace” online courses, health/wellness classes for violists, a resource/score library, and career coaching. AVA is an international music school upgraded for the digital age. For more, click logo below. 

Diversity Statement & Core Values

Aspire Viola Academy embraces musicians of all colors, religions, sexualities, gender identity/expressions, and ages. We celebrate each other’s differences and actively develop empathy to understand one another. 

Core values: Empathy. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Anti-Racism. Respect. Excellence.

Where Do You See Yourself?